HEPA Air Filters for the Toronto Area

Benefits of HEPA Air Filters in Toronto

HEPA air filters offer many benefits to your office, business or factory, especially when it comes to indoor air quality. Air pollution can range from dust mites, spores and mould to factory debris and smoke. All of these can be found inside! Having HEPA air filters in Toronto means your indoor air is cleaner and fresher, reducing health issues like allergies and asthma by trapping harmful particles before they reach the inside of your commercial, industrial or institutional property. Ryan Filter Sales Inc supplies HEPA filters to the Oshawa Region in a range of models from Flanders® PrecisionAire:

  • Standard
  • High capacity/high temperature
  • High velocity/low resistance
  • Minipleat HEPA/ULPA

Find the HEPA Air Filters Toronto Trusts

There are many great features to the HEPA air filters Toronto companies can find at Ryan Filter Sales Inc. One such model is Flanders’ Pureform® Separatorless HEPA filters. These filters offer the largest square footage of media with a low pressure drop. That means there are no metal parts in the air stream. No other filter company manufactures their own media. No other filter company offers the quality of the Pureform® Separatorless HEPA.

A full range of Flanders PrecisionAire Alpha frames with gasket or gel seals are available to meet your specific environmental air quality requirements. Our skilled team can help you choose the right filter for your requirements.

HEPA air filters available in Toronto